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So,, about my friend,,.,,

We’re not friends anymore… I’ll tel ya why

So, we had fun at his house: we played video games, he gave me a tour of his whole house, we watched yt and all of that.. but we’re here for the spice, right? Okay, let’s start. So, after a couple of minutes passed since I entered his house, we went upstairs and entered to a room; he shuts the door as I sit on the bed and puts YouTube on the TV and plays the second song of the first stage in EATEOT (Everywhere At The End Of Time) because he thinks of me with that song. He claps his hands and sighs and he says: “Okay, I’ve got two things to tell you. Number one: I love you. Thank you so much for coming here, I really wanted to see you again. I missed you and it’s been 3 years since we talked.” I was so happy and I nodded to him as he smiles back to me, then he continues “And… number two: I like you a lot. As I said before, I missed you a lot and I think you’re really pretty so… do you want to be my significant other..?” I was shook and I almost felt like crying. I was silent for a moment as my face was red.. I said yes. We hugged a lot of times and.. we did a lot of things after that (no, we haven’t kiss lol) and it was the most beautiful experience in my life… I basically have a bf now and I’m really happy..

So yeah, we’re not friends anymore, we’re a couple :] ‼️‼️

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