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Oregonian Powers Part 5

Chapter 11: Alternate Timeline Cascadia

Me and Washington were bored. "I have a plan." Washington said. "What?" I said. "Create Cascadia." Said Washington. "British Columbia! Yukon! Alaska!" I said. "Yes?" They said. "Let's make Cascadia!" I said. "Yeah!" They said. Meanwhile, California annexed Nevada, taking from its previous owner, the US, and Texas annexed Oklahoma, taking it from its previous owner, the US. The Declaration of Cascadian Unification was signed, by all of us, and Cascadia began with Kate Brown as president.

Chapter 12: World War 3

In Pearl Harbor, an atom bomb that was from Japan, who annexed Sakhalin, taking it from its previous owner, Russia, exploded, destroying the thing. Japan, Germany, and Italy became friends, and challenge US to war. We wanted Cascadia to join the war, so Cascadia was in the war. Russia wanted to help the US. He said yes, but annexed parts of Russia to touch him. 8 years. The war lasted 8 years.

Chapter 13: Unification

593 years after World War 3, World War 4 happened. 285 years after World War 4, World War 5 happened. Then All of North America united, creating the United States of North America (USNA). 183 years after the unification of North America, the USNA and the United States of South America (USSA) united, creating the United Continents of America (UCA). 673 years after the unification of the USNA and the USSA, Every country on the planet united, creating the Republic of Earth.

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