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Boutta lose it

so yall know P&W right
ofc yall do
this bitch getting on my nerves
they’ve literally tried to say neopronouns are invalid
mind you they are CIS.
and yeah idc if they find this tbh
im posting this anyway
i dont give a shit
speaking over trans issues as a cis person?? yikes
red flag 🚩
anyway here’s some proof if yall want it:,,,

yall can attack me if you want i dont care
but i just wanted to share.
there should be some more stuff abt it on @lop’s page soon/now so if you wanna check it out feel free to do so

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all I said was eat my short mane calm down

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Not very mature of you🤒‼️ seems ur worship of maturity and credibility has gone downhill since the last time you tried to invalidate neopronouns 🥴🥴

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this is why ur my bestie 4 lyfe

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How about coming up with a better insult than just ripping off one from a TV show, you fucking ass kissing incel🥺💗💕

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