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i beat my record of longest time running from my dad

he stole my hair tie so i dumped ice water all over him and i instantly booked it

i felt as he was catching up to me (we are both fast athletic people)

so i dove into the forest and continued running till i lost him

i came back and we are both laughing because i knew he was gonna run at me again so when he ran at me i ran around the shed and to the back yard, i thought he was gonna catch me this time qvq

i ran up a small hill and jumped a fence and climed up a tree

he looks at me and retreates then my grandpa comes, stands on the hill, says "what if i were to throw a rock at you" and i said "ill just climb higher" so he left

after awile i jumped into the dog yard, went through the laundry room door, snuck to the bathroom, waited for my dad to go back outside, then booked it to the basement

i sat there for a minute talking to my cousin, then i heard my dad coming to the basement looking for me so i flew behide the furnace

he woulnt have found me if i hadnt giggled when he walked ast me and he comes back and drags me out of the basement and told me he was gonna throw me in the duck pool so i wraped my legs on the door, wrapped my legs on the railing, tripped him with the baby's car, dragged half my body on the ground, and latched to the grass so my dad gave up and just drenched me with the hose

i didnt mind since it was hot outside


normally my dad would easily catch me

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