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Addressing the dab and jace situation

Before I say anything, this is a repost from my other account, but it’s unlisted though.

“ If you don’t know yet, Jace is 9 and Dab is 13.
And if I’m doing my math correctly, a nine year old would either be in 4th grade or 3rd. Depends if they flunked or not. And a 13 year old would be in 7th grade. So Jace is still in elementary school. While Dab is in middle school (7th grade). And I personally went on google and searched up if it was ok for a 13 yr old to date a 9 yr old. It says no. A nine year old considered a young child, who hasn’t hit puberty yet. While, a 13 year old, has, and are much more matured than a 9 year old. And when Jace turns 10 and dab turns 14, it won’t be any better. It’ll just be the same results with the same exact gap. But feel free to block me, harass me, or shame me. I don’t care. This is my opinion on why it’s concerning. But hey what do I know.”

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heyyy delete urself already
ive been waiting for a 2-3 weeks now goddamnit

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  Pissy ♡

And when we make it clear to them they pull out the slurs (their friends defending them that is), their victim complexes saying they’ve been harassed, and excuses like we should’ve stopped the relationship earlier,,, (ll .. )
Like the relationship is obviously wrong, everyone who is basically not their friend, and has expressed their opinion, says so (and most of us are older and more mature) which explains a lot about their support system; if your friend could be in a obviously wrong and controversial relationship, support it and drop all logic because friends can do no wrong!! ꪔ̤̱

Seriously without having to dumb it down, common sense can easily tell anyone that its a wrong relation. My god the internet sides with saying the relationship not being acceptable.
It’s not like we’re discriminating them and saying they can’t be friends?? Why can’t they just drop the puppy love and find someone else their own age while staying friends, its not that hard,,

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