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Quick Vent (feel free to read, you don't have to)

So yeah, a vent...

Honestly I hate my mom and sister so fucking much. I can't handle either of their bs.

My sister starts fights and then when my mom walks in she starts crying just so I can get in trouble, like wtf. I honestly just hate them both, but my sister much more, for how much of a snitch she is. I can be doing the simplest of things or accidentally swear and she goes running to any Adult and tattle. She is 10, TEN FUCKING YEARS OLD AND DOES THIS BULLSHIT. and getting adult talks about "Oh she looks up to you." She can find someone else to look up to, cuz I'm tired of her pestering and bugging me.

Well, that's it, maybe expect more in the future...

I feel kinda better

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