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For 「XYDIA」‘sContest (。・//ε//・。)

Name: Aroon Newman
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: September 24th

Inspired by Day6 and their songs, with wonderful lyrics such as:

I was getting over you little by little
In pain that seemed would never end
I was slowly emptying you out
If just go on with life, I’ll completely erase you
Somehow” - ‘Somehow’, Day6

“Don't let go
'Cause to me you are
My last ray of hopе
My one and only shining light
Hold onto me
Being alivе
Is scary and tough
But I can push through
As long as I have your love
You make me” - ‘You Make Me’, Day6

“I’d been holding on to you for so long
But now I must let go
There’s nothing I can do for you
It’s the only way to make you happy
So I let go, let go, let go
So you can smile someday
So you can be happy” - ‘Letting Go’, Day6

“Today I smile
Even though It hurts I smile
When I’m with you
As if nothing happened
As if I’m doing fine
I have to
I smile I smile
This could only be sometimes
That I get to see you
I have to, I smile... ” - ‘I Smile’, Day6

“Our words
Against each other
Are working up
Yeah just shoot me
Bang bang
Your bullet bullet bullet
I’ll take it anytime
If this is what you want
Just shoot me
Shoot me
Shoot at me
Bang bang
That’s even better
It's too familiar now
If this makes you feel better
Just shoot me
Shoot me” - ‘Shoot Me’, Day6

They are my favorite band, but geez… Their songs really do a number on my heart (*꒦ິㅂ꒦ີ)

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Pls make an oc me look at me ava tar (profilw) i will tell u my info okie?

15 days ago   Reply   Report

  mr chirs (my au name)

I follow you :)

57 days ago   Reply   Report

  Juli the cat

Yablo español no ingles sorryyyyy

59 days ago   Reply   Report


Can you please make An oc for meeee

60 days ago   Reply   Report

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