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I’m just gonna edit this post if I have to tell you guys anything so yea
My phone barely works a
I also can’t use any sort of punctuation except for periods cause my phone screen doesn’t react when I try and press the button with the numbers and punctuation and stuff so sorry if I confuse anyone when I type

edit/update: im bored *dies*

im just gonna post a bunch of random shxt ✨

so when i was in like 2nd or 3rd grade i moved schools a lot and it was my first day at this one school and my other schools hadnt made me take Spanish yet but at this one school theyd already started Spanish and we were in class and i raised my hand and was like 'can i use the restroom please?' and she was like "dilo en español" and i just sat there cause i didnt know Spanish except for "hello", "yes", and "blue" and the entire room was silent and everyone was looking at the teacher... and then looking at me.. and then looking at their friend.. and then at the teacher. it was some movie moment shxt. again she said "dilo en español" (yes i used google translate i still dont fxcking Spanish i took band instead of Spanish i only took Spanish for like 1 1/2 years). i never ended up going to the bathroom that day and i never spoke again in that class. i moved again 2 weeks later.

July 27-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
gm :)
im not really feeling that well today :(
last night i got sick cause i didnt eat anything and to make it worse in the book im reading (TW VOMIT/CANCER) theres a 12 year old boy and he has cancer and he threw up and the part when he started eating, the author described the food and made me nauseous and then when he threw up i couldnt read anymore but at least that was the end of the chapter
yea so i kinda feel like shxt today but oh well
hows everyone else :)

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im alive if anyone was wondering

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i might get new phfone today :DD

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im bored helo someone speak to me

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It’s ok
Has you eaten yet today hm

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sorry am ver busy today yes

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