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JToH: Tower of Confusion (ToC)

Well, I drew the first soul crushing tower here.
I've never beaten ToC, but in general its a very mediocre and bad tower, with horrendous gameplay and it's just simply not fun to play.
I drew this in around 10 minutes on my phone with my fingers.
Here's some info on the tower:
Tower of Confusion (ToC) is a High Insane difficulty tower located in Ring 3: Desire. This is by far the hardest tower in Ring 3, way above the second hardest TAT, sitting at the high intense difficulty.
ToC is the first soul crushing tower in JToH, it was added back even in the old KToH era.
ToC has 2 outside segments on Floor 3A and Floor 6A.
It also has 2 softlocks, on Floor 9A and one on Floor 10. The floor 10 softlock is escapable with a dance clip glitch though, but it's still possible to die of damage there.
ToC contains 2 sides, Side A and side B. There is a side wall that stretches all the way from Floor 2 to Floor 9, it is a barrier which separates the two sides. When you reach Floor 9A and complete it, you have to drop down to Floor 2B where you can proceed with the tower. Because of this extension, ToC ends up notoriously long at some points.
You should attempt to complete ToC after ToTL, ToCA or TT if you're cool.
I'm planning to draw a BToD tower next, so that's gonna be cool I guess.
See you later.

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Oof sheesh

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  low quality tocr

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There's 206 towers in JToH currently, and with the soon upcoming release of Zone 5, theres going to be roughly 220 towers. :)
And yet, BToD (my fangame for JToH) has around 40 towers, finished or unfinished.

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And why there's so many

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How many towers are there

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