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Guys I am so happy!!

Don’t worry imma gonna tell you everything!

~ first, thank you so much guys!! We reached over 200 followers and that’s a lot to me!! If I wasn’t posting for a wile it’s because I am working on a big animation to thank you all for 200 followers !!

~ Second, i got a new BESTIE!!! It’s An̸DrOme̸Da̸!!! she is a really good friend to me and her art is amazing you should go follow her! Before her, my bff was fenikette but she left AnimeMaker a long time ago and she never came back 🥺 this was really sad for me but I have new bestie now!

~And surprise surprise!, MochiRushmoom MADE ME A FANART!!!! This is a so big honor to me and I really like it!!! If you are not already following her, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Her art is gorgeous!!!

Here I told you everything!! Thank you all again!! Have a nice day 😊!

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  protogen_1234 second account

not to be rude but you look like mochis sister! wow

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Reply to WeirdC0re 🎃's comment

You know, when I created my account, I didn’t even discovered MochiRushmoom’s account so my username isn’t copied, and for the OC, I totally asked her if it could be my OC because I know our OC are pretty similar, even if Mochi’s is way better. Maybe my art looks similar too but that’s how I draw and I can’t change it that easily. Anyway I hope it is more clear to you know and pls, don’t do those kind of comments in my page pls.( I am not saying it in a rude way )

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  WeirdC0re 🎃

I’m sorry but- you kinda copied off of MochiRushmoom.. not just the OC but the name too, and not to be rude or anything but I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason you have 200 followers… I’ve been on the app for 2 years now and I only have 170. (Please don’t come after me I’m just sharing my thoughts)

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