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Unintentionally account deleted

Due to a system issue, it is possible that some accounts have been unintentionally deleted.
Sorry, the backup data was also completely lost. It seems to be quite difficult to recover this. This is completely my mistake.
I will make every effort to prevent similar problems from occurring again.

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  🎃Cancer Lord🎃

It’s fine
Everyone makes mistakes
But just
Try making it never happen

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Reply to curios's comment

1.still saved to their files.
Not like the account being deleted also took all your drawings away. can just gain them back again dumbass.
Plus 1 single (hey i lost my acc) and about a thousand of them can refollow :/
3.ok ngl that's understandable,you get a point for that lol

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Reply to 『〖DAB〗』's comment

Bro people actually put effort into their work?? If u had an account with a lot of followers and work u put time into, I would be pissed aswell
Especially if u have had the same account for awhile (a year or more), u could always check and see how much u improved

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For the people who cry their eyes out because of account delete:
1.shut up
2.make a new one,not like you deleted the app right before it's deleted,so the drawings are saved.
not that hard,slow,but still.
(About to get cancelled but fuck it,it's an opinion.)

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  Dane Person

hopefully this gets fixed

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