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My school so bad. After you read the description, compare your school with mine...

My school has a 10-point system. I only get 8, 9 and 10, because if I get 7, I won't have a sweet time... the teacher will hate my handwriting. Because it's very rounded. And the handwriting considers ugly, scary, narrow, dry, high letters to be good. She always acts like she wants to destroy me and my (under) friends. They serve such food in the dining room: it's almost terrible. You want at least pickled cabbage, and here's a casserole that makes you sick. They still have the conscience to serve COLD NASTY STEWED POTATOES THAT STINK OF A CORPSE. And they also make you eat it all!!! Already the appetite disappears... our classmate already threw up today! The teacher screams so that a stroke almost appears. Today, an iron stand also fell, and the sound was so yawning...😩😩😩

I hope that Americans don't have such schools...

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  Fallo Falloven

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