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so one day in school the whole class was being loud and i was the quiet kid, so i was just sat there silently, and some kid took the class pet out of his fish bowl and gobbled him, and im the quiet kid, but everything got so silent at that moment you could hear a pin drop, because goldfish eating migeazac here is gobbling up nemo like an olympic sport, and the quiet kid aka me looks like hes about to pull out an ak47, and the whole class gone silent, and the teacher came in and was like where is the goldfish and a snitch girl put her hand up and said marvin just ate the goldfish, and the teacher said that marvins gotta go to the dean’s office, and marvin over here said ok and just walked into the dean’s office, he didnt cry, moan, or be a little sad for going to the dean’s. and he just walked away, a couple days later im called into the dean’s, i havent been sticking gum under the table sneaking in snacks or anything, so im pretty chill, and the dean’s said that i told marvin to eat the goldfish, and i got mad saying i didnt, and the dean’s kept insisting that i have something to hide since im so mad, but no im just mad because im getting in trouble for some kid eating a damn gold fish, and soon later i got out and the dean’s said that they will be keeping an eye on me, but keeping an eye on what you should keep a better eye out on the students so they dont eat a goldfish, the dean’s head is so bald i can see a shine on your chrome dome. ill update on this if anything else happens.

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