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New OC: Del (Delta)

Name: Del (Stage Name - Delta)
Age: No age, but appearance-wise, looks 24
Birthday: None
Sexuality: Pansexual
Pronouns: Any
Species: Android
Backstory: In a dystopian world where humans and androids live amongst each other as equal beings, Del is an android who lives a double life. In their female form, they’re Delta, the idol star who is famous for their unique vocals, standing above the other android stars. In their male form, they’re Del, a mob boss who’s infamous for running around with his bat, Beatrice, in hand, ready to strike down people.

Story Clarification:
Del or Delta is actually a microchip. Androids are powered by microchips in this world that contains their data or β€œlife” essentially. Usually each Microchip has one android body it can function with, but Del found the female body trashed and used it as a way to escape situations Del can’t.

Lastly, I'll be drawing them with different hair colors. It's an android. They're bald and can change their hair, so...

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