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  🥚Call me Eggs🥚

So ...wth happened with Stickbotkid?

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I see, thank you. People should know that he is sensitive in which we all agree, and obviously this has impacted on him a lot. But I honestly find it stupid that people could judge him so quickly for a mistake he never even realized. He would’ve known if Honeybuns told him about it but I guess not. Also I know they broke up. So I will say that Stickbotkid won’t be on for a while. And as for further notice, if he were to post anything suicidal, people should just leave it be if they don’t have anything nice to say. That way it doesn’t cause more stress for him nor create much chaos in the comments.

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  MSR&BBMSR(maiasaura and bebe maiasaura)

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Call me eggs! I WANT YOU...

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I agree..if it really bothered honeybun they coulda at least told him straight up instead of letting him figure out this way

Plus i hate the fact that even tho ppl say that suicidal posts are touchy and should be handled with more care cuz like do they ever stop and think abt WHY the post was made? Its a damn suicidal/depression post aint no one wanna read ur criticism at that moment ☠️
They never know the real feelings pf the person behind the even if he does come back or not imma miss him

But i do get how honeybun could feel uncomfortable even tho it woulda fr been better for JUST THEM BOTH to talk abt it

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