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  πŸ“πŸ„πŸΈ StrawberryFroqqy πŸΈπŸ„πŸ“

This again β•°(ΰΉ‘Γ²3Γ³ΰΉ‘)β•―

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I know, which is why I specifically say "I don’t own the pink hair and cat ear combo. That and the hair style seem to be a popular trend, but what I do own is my design and that includes everything else.

The outfit, the yellow in the ears, the paws attached to the outfit with hearts, the split design with butterflies, the color scheme (Pink, yellow, blue, purple), the purple and blue eyes with a white heart, the garter and stocking combo.

Again, I’m not saying no one else can do those, not at all. I’m saying you can’t do all of those and say you didn’t copy when the OCs look very similar to the point that it looks like fan art and you also know/ follow me. It just isn’t a coincidence at that point αƒš(q-﹏-q αƒš)"

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I'm very sorry it's so similar, but it was inspired by something I saw on google. I'm doing an oc redesign anyway, and my younger sister has been going crazy about some people and asking me to add things to my oc that are similar to other peoples ocs. I never really look at your posts much actually, and i've been trying talk to her about this after I noticed she was giving me ideas from other people ocs. I'm very sorry about this. DX also about me following you, this is a shared account w/ my sis, she follows people other than my followers -_-

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