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  πŸ“πŸ„πŸΈ StrawberryFroqqy πŸΈπŸ„πŸ“

This again β•°(ΰΉ‘Γ²3Γ³ΰΉ‘)β•―

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Your post named "Practicing and messing with my new oc" and "OC redesign | No colour" also shares many similarities to my redesign. The paws with hearts, yellow in the ears, pink hair, heart ahoge on top of the hair and color palette, off shoulder top/ split on the bottom look, the pattern on the bottom that looks like butterflies, the waist belt, the hair, the paws on the feet, how there's a neck accessory and a halter top.

My point is, when there are that many coincidences, these people follow me, they're also named Mochi, AND they have been called out but still seem to copy, I don't believe it's an accident or you just "magically" had a similar design. Furthermore, you had the same name as Mxchi and had to change it and deleted the post where Donut commented about it.

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Also I made a post talking about my sister changing things in my account and copying others. Sorry, I made a post and in the comments i talked about it*

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