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This again β•°(ΰΉ‘Γ²3Γ³ΰΉ‘)β•―

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I'm very sorry it's so similar, but it was inspired by something I saw on google. I'm doing an oc redesign anyway, and my younger sister has been going crazy about some people and asking me to add things to my oc that are similar to other peoples ocs. I never really look at your posts much actually, and i've been trying talk to her about this after I noticed she was giving me ideas from other people ocs. I'm very sorry about this. DX also about me following you, this is a shared account w/ my sis, she follows people other than my followers -_-

123 days ago


  πŸ“πŸ„πŸΈ StrawberryFroqqy πŸΈπŸ„πŸ“

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Yeah, it's... VERY similar. Another thing people always say is they saw it on google as well. Even then, you should still mention where you got the inspiration from because that's still copying. If your "younger sister" is going to get you in trouble by asking you to add stuff, maybe ask her where she's getting the ideas from, just say no, or tell her to make her own oc/ account.

It doesn't make sense and seems all too convenient to say you got it off google or your sister told you to add stuff. Just change it and don't make excuses. It only looks worse for you Ξ£(=°ω°=;γƒŽ)γƒŽ

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