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Me? Bussy? Nahhhh...

Writting, working and reading in Wattpad, drawing here and in Flipaclip (and having like more than 29 unfinished jobs that still in a sloooooooooow progress.....), seeing Rick & Morty, feeding or the cat every 5 mins, reading mountains of new msgs...

I gess I really forget how to eat or sleep...ima kinda gone...(个_个)

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Thank you very much guys! I think this is one of the first times I have comments like this, and I really appreciate it! I'll keep drawing and trying to get better, you guys encourage me to continue, and your comments are very helpful to me. Thx (/= ω =)/

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  ¡GuyMakesComics! **Coming back for Halloween for one day**

I Love Your Drawings You Got A Lot of Talent And Your Very Amazing and Don’t Let anybody Doubt You (Remember That :D)

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