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AYEEEEE ITS YAH BOI TYPICAL HERE ōuō Here some info about me that you will 100% won't care!
-Age:13(ik I'm a child hehehe)
-Favorite food: Ramenn '^'
-Favorite Animal:Corgi :p
-Hobbies:Sleeeepp :^) and draw hehe 'D'
-Favorite meme:Toomanymemess
-Favorite Singer:Troye Sivan c:
-Crush:Idek anymore lolol
-Favorite color(s): Mint,White,Black,and pastel blue and pink
-Favorite dessert: Browniess •o•
-Favorite flavor:For ice cream likewise, I'd pick mint chocolate chip :v
-Favorite game: RIP CLUB PENGUIN ;-;
-Best people on here are Kiwi,and Tato ^3^
•Q&A's asked and answer by meh êuê•
Q:Do you have any siblings?
A:Yep I have 1 brother (oldest) then I have 3 sisters (I'm the middle child c,:)
Q:Do you like girls ēwē?
A:Bishhh no XD
Q:Do you have a crush on me? ;-;
A:sureeeee dude lol ;D
Q:How would you describe yourself? (Happy,sad,funny,etc.)
A:Eh I would say probably funny just cause I do make my friends laugh alotttt ;3; thenagainihavenofriendssocri
Q:Do you wear glasses? I do! -w-
A:Yee I do cx

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