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Hi peeps! I'm a boy and my name is •Wöłf špïrït• so yeah that's my name but not actually.
So yah I'm •Wöłf špïrït• so yah. I love wolves, foxes, cats, dogs, cheetahs and leopards. My fave color is green and blue. Also I loaf vidoe games, YouTube, animaljam, and my user in animal jam if you want to check meowt my user is Catlover1o9 so yeah that's my user on AJ play wild and the normal AJ so yeah I play thought things and I loaf other stuff to so yeah I'm gonna move on the something else so yeahhhhh.
Also I love art and I love drawing and I am a very good artist but not on this but in paper though XD so yeah. I loaf making faces with the key board like these faces •_• :3 :D :) :( •-•. Like those so yeah. I'm a boy just to say I know this is a long paragraph so yeah I know I changed my user but I'm getting board so yeah I hop you enjoyed reading kinda about my life so yeah I like weapons and stuff that's why I'm a tomboy so yeah I hope you enjoyed kinda of leaning my life so yeah bye bye peeps •-•

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