Potato Jay (Gone)

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Oh yea, I'm long gone for now
Self Taught Animator
Inspired "Artist" (in a way)
I'm 16 now :P

Discord: Potato Jay#5049 (Mostly active on discord) [Copy & Paste it]
Instagram: @potatojayp (art acc) (somewhat active on Instagram)
I have like 10 other socials but nahhh too boring.

O dis acc dead lol
If you are somehow on here and wondering where I am, Im off doing some other stuff but I still draw >:D
Its been fun being on this app making friends and enemies, I hope the best for all you poop heads...every single one of you but Im off, if ya wanna contact me, just snag meh discord or insta. Anyways see ya....idk... one day....if this app wasn't so toxic.

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