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Heyo! Kiddosneakybeaky- COUGH; I mean... Eddsworld_Tr@sh here! And uh- I'm back and new as ever; as in, I started using flipaclip; deleted this app... and oh boy looking back on this now I wanna change everything on my profile. XD
Edit: Also, just call me these: Kiddo (for kiddosneakybeaky), Cat, Kat, (as in; Catshark66) Tr@sh, and "this cringey 9 y/o tryna be edgy over here" (the last one was a joke, though it would be pretty funny.

Edit part 2, Electric Boogaloo: Call me Kiddo, Void, or Bee! ^^ I’m also a minor so nsfw do not interact. At ALL. Also, I do have socials! Like Tumblr, Insta, and Discord! I don’t post actively on the other two, but I am EXTREMELY active on Discord! So you can ask for them if you so wish! ^^

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