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Age: Ur mum
Species: Hooman
Name (on AnimeMaker): Red
Likes: drawing,video games,being a noob, YouTube,Friends,punching and kicking things
Dislikes: Anything that includes being active :>
Hi I'm Red and I hope you like my animations I try and they ain't perfect but I sure do like them. I'm an ordinary kid who goes to public schools and ain't that popular. Don't look at my rlly old anime a they suck 😅👌✌ something else that I like is anime and cosplaying as anime characters.I don't have a lot of fans but I still appreciate them a lot. If you think Ur artwork is bad stop it cuz u can and will improve with practice but what really matters if you put in effort. If ppl don't like your artwork you are always welcome to my channel. If ppl hate then frick them if ppl support appreciate them.

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