I gave up

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Hi I'm Sharko but you can call me shark
I am in a relationship with Dotty
I am a girl
I'm bisexual
I'm a furry
I'm 16 ( I stay 16)
I don't like hugs that much
I don't like being called cute
I don't like people
I don't like myself
I don't like being touched that much
I like pineapples
I like hoodies
I like glasses
I like anime
I like comic books
I like snakes
I like food
I'm part doge
And that pretty much it
Adam X Marilyn
DreXer X Ripple ( I don't think it exists)
Ryile X Michal
Soul X Mark

About me : I like to draw but I suck at it I am very sensitive have very bad deperesion and anxiety I have lots of stress I like to be alone in my room talking to my best friend Ryan and drawing on anime maker I collect lps I love to read warrior cats by Erin hunter my fav cat from the books is yellow fang I don't like people Ryan is my only real friend I am in middle school I love to sing me and Ryan know a lot of the same song and like almost the same things I hate my life but Ryan helps me keep going she makes me happy with out her my life would be incomplete I try to kill me self but Ryan also helps me with that I love all of my fam on anime maker I have a dog named dogger he is my baby I... Had a dog baby befor him... And sadly he past away befor his birthday and then I got another... Dog and he was really young he pass from parvo on crismas day any let's not be sad here and yes I do love cats I also love dogs but my fav animal is a fox I have a YouTube channel named Shiløh the føx dragøn go check it out I post as much as I can when I was a baby my first teeth were my vampire teeth ( creepy ) and my birth date has six six six in it my name Keeley had six letters in it do I like anyone nope I don't need love I have my dog I like fnafs, Eddsworld, moe Sargi, Aldo's world, Ali, omar, jewfross, albertsstuff, Derek Gerard, Shane Dawson, ryland Adams, Morgan Adams, Garett watt, and Andrew, I have a dolfine named spoon and that's all the facts about me

Suppers I'm Nóa
Um I am very single
I am cuddly
Sometimes mean
I like kids and people also animals
I'm shy
I don't know my age
I sometimes are depressed
I'm.bisexual I prefer girls but I'll date boys
I also don't like being called cute
I don't mind my friends touching me but if I don't know you don't fucking touch me
I am mostly always happy
My favorite friend (( shhh don't tell anybody XD )) is Joey don't be mean to her or I will rip your eyes right out of the socket then throw you into a pit of fire until you burn into tiny pieces then after that I'll feed you to the wolves :33333

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