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Irl name: Olivia
B-day: May 26
Symptom(s): Depression
Fav animator: Underfan(The ONLY ONE to support me when I was depressed!)
Age: 11
Pets: A tiny Doge-chihuahua mix named Wylie ❤️

Since school started up again, I won't be posting as often. So don't expect much from me!

Thanks for so many followers! I appreciate it so much!

Q: How was your day?
A: Pretty good!
Q: Fav color?
A: Black, Red, Blue and Pink!
Q: What do you do when depressed?
A: I either go to my friends or write down the negative thought and prove it wrong!
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: CHOCOLATE CHIP WAFFLES (/._.)/ hail the chocolate chip waffles

Thank you for taking your time to read this! ❤️ have fun watching my animations!

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