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HELLO ALL MA FELLOW FLUFF'S. (Yes I just said "FLUFF'S") I am I think good at animation. Plz do not hate on my content. I wold really like the support from you guys. I wold also like you opinion. Oh and I'm a bad speller so cut ma some slack jeez. I only have a couple of OC's so ye. I'm changing my mane OC that's why I have a lot of animations regarding that.
Here are (some) of my OC's. :3
Name: Evelyn
Likes: Drawing , animation , Steven Universe, computer (Minecraft and Roblox) and playing with Dad.
Is: a Glactic cat dragon
Hates: mean people
Crush: no one

Name: Hody
Likes: rain, mistery and magic books, and darkness
Is: ¥π€√¥π¥√€=^°¥{°°^°©^=^=✓{¥=¥{®°
Hates: lite, the sun, bad people, heat
Crush: no one

That's all for nowwww!

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