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New bio !!!

Hey my name is Brenna I started this account back in 2016. I made freinds lost freinds and been through horrible times and good times. My drawing and animation started here its crazy how old I am now and how old I'll be in a couple of months. I'm almost 18- yayay- no....I don't wanna be an adult but hey? Do I want to be dead ? No I don't, anyways still haven't been in a relationship!! Yayaaaaaa....single forever anyways here are some ways you can talk and catch up with me or you just want to see how or what I'm doing


I'd put tic to keep but I vant use the dms because my old account is still active when I fix it ill update this

Anyways I'll draw and post every now and again on here. Not often since- responsibility and what not.

Anyways bye my diamondkitty1 lovers and good old freinds ♡

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