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Hi It’s nice to meet you.

Q & A
Q: what’s your name?
A: Connor
Q: who do you like?
A: “wouldn’t you to know weather boy” - random vine
(It’s Harper she is a beautiful and amazing artist go and follow her!)
Q: what are you?
A: springer spaniel and goat
Q: memes?
Q: will you draw me?
A: sure
Q: want anything in return?
A: maybe a follow? 0w0
Q: if you were a ew character who would you be?
A: a mix of tord edd and Matt
Q: tomtord?
A: ehhhh tordedd is better but tomtords ok
Q: age?
A: uhhh don’t have one
Q: favorite food?
A: BACON!!!!
Q: so you’re alive now?
A: think so
du er mitt solskinn mitt eneste solskinn du gjør meg glad når skiene er grå du vil aldri vite kjære hvor mye jeg elsker deg så vær så snill, ta ikke min solskinn

If you follow me I follow back!
Oki doki Bye!

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