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🥀Hey-...I'm Choco-Late🥀
(but this account is taken by Lynn ahaha-)

🌻I'm taken..married by a sugar honey •Lynn-Late• <3🌻
💔I will never leave you💔
Don't mess with me or you will be my little toy so fuck off.
-For Haters:
If you dislike me or my art then "don't follow me" and "don't make a fight for stupid reasons", I don't wanna see your stupid muscle shit so fuck off.
Nvm found her uwu..
To •Lynn-Late•, my wife <3:
❤️I love you so much and I don't wanna lose you, I will never let anything get between us and I will always protect you my love "Me, you and no one else"❤️
I know you already know about everything- and I know that I keep saying these words-..but uh-
I love you
I love you
And I love you <3

Don't forget the morning kiss ;) Hehe- Jk.

☠️The game is OVER..☠️

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