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Ello, I'm not new to this app. In fact, I first had this app back in 2016. But then left, and returned the next year....and then left again....and I'm back! Well for now, if I leave then it'll 100% be forever :P My most recent account(2017)was my account called "WolfxxLoveGamer". Not sure if any of you remember(or care lol). I didn't say any goodbyes, at least I don't think I did, so I just ditched it ,_, Until now! I also joined different apps like MAP Amino and I do have a YouTube account. I'm somewhat active ;_; Both users are GalaxyCloud.
I'm a 12 yr old artist/animator, soo...yea I hope you enjoy my small animations here. I improved a lot actually, so I'm hoping to start over. Btw my username name here is based off my new main OC Twinkie.

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