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info about Me!{~main oc~)
Name: Ryu
Personality: loud, weird, creative, caring, and sometimes spooky
Oc age: 18
Siblings: ???
Sexuality: Lesbian
Single: yes i am, sadly ;-;
Skills: Art, writing and designing
Likes: Food, anime, art stuff, pride, nature and gory stuff
Dislikes: I honestly don't know
Short quote: " Hoi"

Personality: shy, quiet, not very talkative, overprotective, forgiving and a bit rude
Oc age: 16
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Sexuality: bisexual
Single: yes
Skills: guitar, sewing
Likes: hoodies, colourful things
Dislikes: plain boring stuff
Short quote: "uh- uhm-"

Personality: kind, quiet,kinda spooky, caring, sharing
Oc age: 20
Siblings: none
Sexuality: Pan
Single: yup
Skills: cooking and baking
Likes: dark colours, reading,and baking (also cooking)
Dislikes:super bright or light colours, dresses
Short quote: "I'm blind, but I know you are beautiful."

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