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Hay :3 I'm Teals (owo) I'm da best animator everrrrr ):D (JK) I love to animate and make OCS. My French Fries: Winkypup, ThatOneDerpyUmbreon, Lord, Ozzi, and Blaze. Here is some info :3
Q. What animal is your OC?
A. A kitsune :3
Q. Will you.. be my friend..?
Q: Ships..?
A: I ship, yes. Xerix -Zenix X Xero- Boited -Bow X Suited- Torno -Torc X Zeno- Corrope -Cord X Rope- Dusane- Dustin X Jane- Sprero- Sprite x Zero- etc, check my page for more. ouo
Q. Who is ur bae? -w-
A. Ozzi, cause she's cute. :3
Q. Favorite food?
A. I like food, in general. :D
Q. where do u live? T^T
A. Wilmington, NC. :D
Byeeeee french fries! :D cya~

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