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grog stan for life hahahaha

Uhhhh, yessss?
Why not as well put my anime top 10 list here...?

1. joj
2. hxh
3. mob
4. one piece
5. saiki k
6. dr stone
7. opm
8. demon slayer
9. ouran
10. mha
11. Kill la kill
12: BNA

anyways. uh— favorite song? don’t rlly have one atm. ffs

mannnn i have a ton of ocs i don’t remember that i’ve made in here in the past.

UHHHHHHH. i draw random shit. I don’t really draw in my main art style— or really try to draw at all, cause it’s jus frustrating to draw like it on this app.

Here’s my discord tag if y’all wanna chat or something >Caiba’s Cat Farm#4859

questions u mite be wondering:
Q: age irl? A: 13
Q: gender irl? A: girl
Q: how tall? A: probably 5 ft— idk
Q: when did you join animemaker? A: in 2018 somewhere around august
Q: favorite color? A: i’m attracted to many colors, i honestly dont know anymore

I’m originally Phantom Fox. Been a lonnnngg time

(pfp drawn by NO ONE)

Caiba | Caiba Chan
Age: Dunno yet
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Height: 5’6
About: Caiba is obsessed with cats, but she can’t ever get attached, or have one as a pet cause, for so,r weird mysterious reason, every single cat hates her

i’m sorry.

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