EVILpikachu||bleh, Ilysm||

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Hello! I'm EVILpikachu! You can call me Blu, pika , or evil! I’m a husky okay with anything AhAh


--Akward Geek Alerttttt--
The wonderful people I will always remember and never forget ;,3
- Michael arts
-Lord of band
- Tato
- Ormi Sumi

Mess when any of them ... and you will regret it -3-.. I will haunt you in your n-nightmares ):0

If you need a hug and a cookie, I'm always h-here :D

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Musicallsssss - <33 be more chill- dear Evan hansennn HhhhH


Instagram ~ evil_pika_tale
[ I might be more active in Instagram then anime maker .. I'm s-sorry ;-;]


P.S Guys just know I'm here for youu that's the reason I exist so if you guys are facing a problem/struggle huh I'll be hereee okieee * huggles* so don't be afraid to talk to meh I don't biteee , you could do thiss I believe in you Ilysm <333
-Your Friend Pika

K ByEee

||More questions? Ask meh... [ and please g-give me credit I-if you can.. I d-don't really care-.. but I-it would be n-nice~) I'm here for you senpaisssssss ||

That Would conclude this paper sheet ref thingy , ilysm thank you and have a good night <3 ^^

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