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Welcome to my Profile that is full of trash

Name: Cherry
Gender: She/They
Age: teen
Friends: I have some, suprising huh?
Personality: Im gonna have to stop you there buddy-
GF/BF: Bailey! ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’œ
Sanity: it's dosent exist
Oc's: Alice, Cherry, Zach, Maple, Ethan, ect.
Fav song: not sure
Fandoms: Undertale ( Aus ), Batim, Cuphead, CountryHumans and alot more

INFO: I have short black hair, im 4'7, and my favorite colors are black and white

ยค{ People cry, not because they're weak. But because they've been strong for too long }ยค -Chrome

Welcome to this lovely Profile!

Name: Alice DD
Gender: Female
Age: 19!
Crush:..that's very complicated!
Friends: too many to count ( T^T )
Personality: I'm really kind and caring but i can easily be an asshole
Bf/Gf: Re-read the crush response!
Sanity: 50/100
Fav not sure yet
Fandoms: whats a fandom?

INFO: I has long dark blue hair, I'm a white wolf with light blue wings

๐Ÿ’{ Hey! Dont be sad, Cause someone always cares about you! } ๐Ÿ’ -Alice DD

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