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hi im known as Zizex, meat sniff, kiddowiddo, space dog, Lunar, and Moonlight. I know how to animate, draw, do pickaspots, contests, roleplay, make characters, and tell stories
Q: where do you live
A: America
Q: what’s your irl name?
A: Tatiana, but my friends call me Tatuna Matata, Tatuna, King Tatuana, Tatuana Nanana, Tortilla, Tuna, Tatina, and a lot more
Q: what’s your phobia
A: entomophobia
Q: what’s your sexuality
A: pansexual
Q: how old are you
A: 11
Q: when did you join
A: November 9th, 2016
Q: can you draw me?
A: I can but I won’t
Q: are you Dominican or PuertoRican?
A: both
Q: are you single or taken
A: taken by suki
{idk what to name this one}
Making an anime
Smoleee bun
Luna the wolf
Pink Pya
Liza A Liza

Suki!! Suki is an amazing drawer and an amazing person! Her art goes perfect for her cute human oc with pretty, short, curly hair. She’s very convincing and persuasive, I really like that about her. Love talking to her, it makes me happy. We are BFFs. Best friends FOREVER! <3

Spensh!! The first time I met her, I knew for a fact that we’d get along and be good friends. It happened! She is a cutie little fluffypuffy. We’ve been friends for a long time, probably since her oc was Pashioon. She is a kind and gentle person, and nobody could ever replace Spensh!

Ferra!! We go to the same school and when we’re in the mood, we would buy each other le candies! Ferra is a winged and majestic creature. For once I found someone who hates makeup and weird Barbie doll things just like me! Ferra is a good friend in real life and online!

Spark!! I can’t talk about her oc because she changes it alot, but it’s okay lol. it’s really exciting to find out what other oc she will make in the future! Spark has been through a lot, but here she is now, still alive and amazing! Spark doesn’t give up, and that’s what I love about her!

Monika!! Monika is so beautiful and sweet in the app and irl. I love to roleplay with her, she’s awesome at it and makes things more interesting. Her animation skills are amazing too, this cutie patooti little kitty dog is the most adorable thing ever! Besides my dog actually.

Swerp!! Swerp is very forgiving, don’t you trust her? She is such a sweetheart. She is too kind for this world! Even in the worst times, Swerp is always seeing the good of bad people. This furry pasta is the best friend anyone can ask for!
{Other places we can chat}
YouTube: Zizex k
Discord: Caramel Velvitch#1927
House Party: zizex
{Oc’s} (17)
Bonnie♀(single) [14 years old]
Cashmere♂ (single) [17 years old]
Candy♀ (taken by Fantasy, Carousel’s oc) [13 years old]
Dreamix♂(single) [15 years old]
Jodey♀(taken by CookieDough, Ferra’s oc) [14 years old]
Lunar♀ (taken by Suki) [14 years old]
Melody♀(taken by Karla, FunSunShine’s oc) [10 years old]
Nicole♀(single) [12 years old]
Oscar♂ (taken by Kyoko, Strawberry Salty's oc) [16 years old]
Patches♂ (taken by Uni, Crydiaa’s oc) [11 years old]
Peppi♂(taken by Coach, Ouki’s oc) [15 years old)
Princess♀(taken by Tune) [13 years old]
Rodey♂(single) [14 years old]
Sapphire♂(taken by Circuit, Ferra’s oc) [16 years old]
Sundae♀(taken by Leena, Crydiaa’s oc) [16 years old]
Tice♀(single) [14 years old]
Tune♀ (taken by Princess) [12 years old]

Main oc: Lunar
Okie guys that’s all I have for now!! No haters or me and my 600+ followers will hate on you too >:3

Love you Suki <3

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