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Dawg Does Doodles

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I draw gore and curse
This page is not ment for people who are squeamish or sensitive.

YouTube is: dawgydoodles8486

You have to be 13+ to join discord (if I find out you’re not 13or older you’ll be banned)

For older audiences:
Tumblr: dawgdoesdoodles

DeviantArt: Dawgtheborzoi

Call me dawg (or rocky :3)
I also go by all pronouns

I’m am a furry

I post sketch animations
Walk cycles/run cycles
Many practice animations
And some drawings/ sketches
I will also post life updates sometimes, and might post some small rants

I may take small breaks but that’s because I forget about the app, or I have work I need to do irl

Some old usernames:
Silva wolf
Blaze the fox
Wolf with no eyes

my Roblox user: blue_ice 235
(I have max friends, but if I’m on creatures of sonaria you can join :3)

(I’m not on TikTok any more I left the app due to stress)

Joined: 01/04/2019

Birthday: 09/11/2006

Sexuality: pansexual

One two, cha cha cha, three four , cha cha cha


Guys be quiet I’m listen to jaws by lemon demon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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