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edit: HoopesVision#6404 is discord stuff if you want it

edit: i think im a furry

edit: i think im gonna shoot myself at 18

edit: i think in bi

edit: i think all artists have something wrong in the head.

edit: im a weeb

edit: i should stop saying edit

edit: this needs to stop

edit: i have so many regrets

edit: an example i kissed a girl at the age of 7 and i want to still kill myself

edit: another, every single post ive made on here

edit: “oh yeah, its all comin together”

edit: i came out to my friends, they didnt care. which is the best outcome

edit: raccoons are best animal

edit: i might not kill myself at 18. i might join the air force or something else cause im not scared of dying.

edit: should i release my instagram account?

edit: i do some art and i post it to

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