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Hiya! Sketch here. I do random stuff, funny animations, and even more random stuff! I always hope everyone has a great day! :)
“Isn’t that fantastic? I knew you could do it.”
-Bob Ross
“We are young, life is fun, so let’s make the most of it.”
Male, smart, crazy, green spiky hair, wide eyes, works at Barnes and Noble, likes cookies, 5”4, Joe’s older brother
Male, chill, adventurous, wears brown fedora, wears a serious expression but is always welcoming, does not work, likes drawing, 5”2, Jake’s younger brother
Male, Just... me
OvERwAtcH, nOt FOrTNITe !
So yeah! Hope you like meh stuffses. Oh, and ples follow meh to! Or not. Eh do nah rellly care what oo does. So uh.. eat your veggies! ...and um.. drink your milk!


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