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Hi i am Lolbithearty but you can call me lolbit or hearty! I am D3SU K4T sister but i do have a meaner sister but I'm nicer. and who miss D3SU K4T? My sister want to be alone she still in the hospital. I told her what wrong she told me to be alone and i am the nicest D3SU K4T sister!
Questions for me:
Q how old are you?
A I'm 11
Q is Starcat is your real sister?
A duh yeah she is
Q hobby?
A i like sports and drawing
Q what grade are you?
A six grade
Q crush?
A white bon ( white rabbit from fnaf world )
Q draw me?
A hmmm idk yes or no idk
Q ships?
A fangle, toy bonnica, freddica, toy fredione, starmare ( my sister x nightmare), goldtrap, shadbon ( shadow Bonnie x shadline, ) starack ( my sister x black ) my otp

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