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hi umm Idk how to start this off so yea pretty much I like drawing in spare time I have second thing I like calm music it helps sometimes ehhh ok I like animals such as wolfs,foxes,dogs,cats,lions,tigers,fish,pandas,bears,monkeys.hobbies reading,looking at the clouds,stars,mountains,lakes,ponds,sunsets.i have a family who are spread apart it's sad but I like spending time with my friends and relatives so I'm mostly not alone I have friends there nice I like sweet things such as candy and other sweet things yea... I basically wear glasses and I have short hair I get called a boy sometimes but I really don't mind it I like nights there peaceful quiet I have a lot of dogs where I live I hear them barking sometimes but it's mostly quiet well hopefully that works to know me
I would say I hate my life and try to end it but then I'll miss out on the rest of my life and think of the good times...I feel weird saying that now
I guess I could say that I'm kinda stupid I guess yay I'm stupid now
I would watch myself die I guess yea I would
Uhm updating my thing again but I have some ocs I just gonna say some ok ocs,k.g sunset midnight fire tail music grey feather Calab Mike Alice ace and that's it uh I'm kinda weird heh I watch memes I play videos games that sounds old I don't know but if your reading this your an awesome,cool

But if your a bully or something know that the words you say to bring people down are like gun shots your killing them cause bullying pretty much kills people but know that if someone is bullying you hopefully you know that you can talk to me if you want or you can talk to a relative your mother,dad,siblings or even your best friends I said this because I just don't want to see you sad if you see me sad you don't have to talk to me............HALLOWEEN IS COMING SOON AND SOOKTOBER HAS STARTED and I can now post some edgy stuff and some creepy stuff or other thing ok bye

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