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bonjour, gluten tag, aloha??

currently: online
freaking frenzies:
angiee/luke skywalker and my keef, alistar, suspheres, spensh, sprinkle,, larry, sly, etc?

sexuality: bisexual babes ;) (possibly pansexual??)
bf/gf? alistar .///. (burrberry)
fears: heights, fricking spiders, and dangerous plants ohmygod
hug me I'm scared-- but also in another universe-

alistar is bae ヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

I like Star Wars, HP, PJO, Voltron, etc fandoms,, lmaO help

i'm cringe wts hsshdifdjhaha

IM COMING TO PALO ALTO HURRY THE FRICK UP 2017 (the summer of 2018)

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