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Hola amigos. Im a little depressed skele. If ur wondering who I have a crush on, I have no crush, I have a girlfriend who is ☁ćløūð☁.
Meh ocs
Katelyn(has a gf)(lesbian)(22)
Liam(single pringle)(gay)(15)
Sunii(single pringle)(bi)(12)
Joce(crushing on CJ)(straight)(17)
CJ(single pringle)(straight)(17)
Stoney(single pringle)(bi)(19)
All my Single ocs are shippable.

Stay chill everyone.

Ok short Q & A
Q: What is your only regret?
A: Drawing
Q: Do you have a YT channel?
A: Yeah it’s Katelyn the Skeleton
Q:You lesbian.
A:Your mom big noob
Q:When will I see you again?
A:Uhhhh...probably tomorrow
Q:How old are you?
A:I’m not tellin’ ya
Q:What’s your real name?
A: Eww creep stop asking me those type of questions.
Q:Do you like Felicity?
A:My sisters old oc? Pbbfffttt no.
Q:is this end?
Q:Any Gaming accs?
A:My Roblox isssssss...Katelynisweird(I have to make the account still)

Meh nickname is Katey but only meh cloud and Kath are allowed to call me that >:(

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