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Sassafras pie YOU RED THIS!!! No I don't sell stuff. Now read mah story bout wut happens when you "spare" Bendy (BATIMTALE). Good ending!

Well, Bendy left you alone but the studio's in chaos. Everyone's dead there including Joey. You left and the rest of the world (your generation) was in peace. Until 2061, (your generation aka 1990-2050)when Halley's comet passed. Bendy decided to wreak havoc with the human race, so everyone during that generation died, now Bendy rules planet earth, and has more advanced technology that could make you immortal, and anyone protesting him was inked. Welp, they kept the government place but now everything relating to politics and law and presidency is replaced by searchers. Alice Angel became first lady, Boris became Vice President and Bendy was the president but everything is just chaos. Anyone from the old studio was shipped and/or slaughtered and ya then there was WWIII and Bendy won so........Alice died during that. She was sniped by Bendy. Now, everything is still futuristic and advanced but has no color, only black and white, so it was oldish looking, and Bendy took over the universe. The end! If you want another story, follow me! Also check just in case i add another one.

New Story: One time in the workshop, Henry was about to exit when BANG..........Bendy shot him with an AK47 so lol the end.

Another story: THE TRUTH Event: draggy shoots all the beggars and they died. The end.


Even moar story: nsbwhsvsng

EVEN MOOOOOOOOAR STORY: flushfwfkwhkdhsdkdsfkfksfhkshfksfhkhkfshkfshfkfkhsfhksfhkfskhfsfskfhfkhskhfsfhksfhkhfksfkhsshfkshkffhkskfhskfhsfkhhkfshkfhfkkhfshkfshfksfhkkfhsfhkshfkkhfsfhkhkfs the end

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