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⭐️ credit of my pfp goes to: me

Nicknames you may call me to make things easier:

⚠️I don’t know what my acc is rated anymore, prob 13+ or something ⚠️
(reason for this rating is right below)

Don’t really know why but I like to draw scary things/gore sometimes so just a little heads up

💭If you’re wondering, I don’t swear, but I am slightly ok with it, it really depends how it’s used

🔍(A little about me)
Gender: Female
I go by she/her
I barely use emojis for some reason, I use emoticons
Yes, I am a furry, but not the type to say uwu and stuff
I am weird (as my irl friends say), but it's okay because we need a bit of weird in our lives sometimes
Fandoms I'm in:
-Warriors (Warrior cats)
-Minecraft and DSMP & QSMP
(And no, I don't read Wings of Fire)
Favorite number: 🔟
Favorite color: 💙/🩵 (any shade of blue really)
Amount of OCs (Original Characters) I currently have: 2 (starting fresh)

🏳️‍🌈I support the LGBTQ+ community! :)
(Not in the community, but I am an ally)

⬇️Other apps/websites/games you can find me on:

🔵Discord: dragonwarriorcat_84627
🔲(Pc)Roblox username:Dragon_WarriorCats
🟦Other AnimeMaker acc: RootBeerFloat (usually inactive)
▶️YouTube: Dragon_Warriorcat

❗️(I’m not allowed to have other social media apps like instagram yet, so you won’t be able to find me there.)❗️

✨💕Thank you so much if you follow me ^^💕✨

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