Shawn, Myth, and Melody (Leader of MoonLight club)

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•Hey! I'm Shawn!
•I'm married to my amazing and beautiful wife, Melode. ^///^
•We have a kid named Zander.
•So see ya.

•Wassup everyone! I'm Mega!
•I'm not married. >_>
•Hmm nothing else.
•And I'm happy and Annoyed, BYE!

•Whattup it's Hope here.
•I'm not married I'm alone.
•I'm a fighter and I'm brave.
•Don't mess with me or else...

•Haaaaii!! I'm Easter!!
•I'm married with Benjamin, he's mah sempi. 0////0
•I might be crazy but eh, Now see ya. *walks away eating a popcorn*

•Um... H-hi, I-I'm N-nightle...
•I-I'm very S-shy and I-im a b-bookworm..
•I h-have a c-crush o-on R-Rosalind.. >/////<
•A-and t-that's m-me...

•Hi! I'm Candle.
•I make people happy when they're sad.
•I'm sometimes alone. But it's fine.
•And I have a crush, BYE.

•Ello, I'm Lukey Pukey, but you can call me Luke.
•I have a brother named Shawn.
•I like playing a guitar.
•I have no friends..

•Hola B*tches, I'm Mist..
•I'm dead inside, and I'm a d*ckhead.
•I'm crushing on Misty.. -/////-
•Bye now, don't mess with me or else...

•Hi There, I'm Heaven.
•I'm mysterious
•I'm single forever
•Bye now *le poof*

•Ello I'm Zander..
•I seven years old
•My mom and dad are Melode and Shawn.
•I'm alone

•Hi everyone, I'm Mariel..
•I'm blind
•I go to kindergarten
•Bye *bumps into a wall*

•Hey I'm Bella Goth
•I hate Aliens ;~;
•I'm welcoming and fun
•I has no familyz..

Q & A!!
Q: Who's you're sempi?
A: Melode!!
Q: How old are you? (On AnimeMaker)
A: I'm 22 years old.
Q: Who do like to roleplay with?
A: Melode, Pink pya, FireLight, $park, Diamondkitty/Brenna, Ice fur, and more!
Q: Best friend here?
A: uuuhhh!! That's hard!!

Firelight (amazing)
Pink pya (awesome)
Ice fur (cool/She's not on anymore ;()
$park (awesome)
Pink pya (amazing)
123Monster (Amazing)
Many Mang (Cool)
Jolteongirl/Jolt (cool)
And more! ^///^

Moonlight club (opened you can still join!)
Me and Nightle (leaders) (╹◡╹)
Firelight (Chibi/Chili moon) ( ^ω^ )
Pink pya (fashion moon)(╹◡╹)
Diamond kitty/Brenna (Luna moon) ( ^∀^)
$park (CopyCat moon) ( ̄▽ ̄)

Me (married to Melode)
Hope Heart (single)
Mega Trainor (single)
Mist Mistel (Crushing on Misty)
Nightle Nightly (crushing on Rosalind)
Easter Hannol (Married to Benjamin)
Candle Light (Crushing on ???)
Luke Oraha (single)
Zander Oraha (single, me and melodes son)
Mariel Oraha (single, me and melodes daughter)
Heaven Heart (single and she's mysterious)
Bella Goth (single)
And ya!

I love my wife Melode! I love her to the galaxy and back! I'll never let anyone hurt her! ^////^

Zander and Mariel are our children~


I love Cheese Cake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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