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X123Monster ( I Have left only for a little bit I will be back)

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Hello. I'm Shecat. Ocs: Mew and me.
And I don't have a grinder. So....YEAH! :D I'm a Cat!
Monster is going to keep dieing until he gives my face back!

I don't really like dogs. But I love when they do what I want them to.

Hi.......I'm can leave now......

ocs: Max John( dead ) Wolyfur X and O Mal Rerek Shadow Lock Shawn Zack Flower Monster Cat me and Lucky Seymour
Ari Spring

I'm very scared of needles....

I'm a experiment and test subject from ALT

Toka I'm still your friend!

Zip has claimed me

It's ok I'm here for you


I'm Fluffys son

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