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Hello, everyone! Welcome to meh account! My friends Kirby, Mike, Unikitty, Eve, Sephora, Aqua, and Tails are part of the dream team!
I love listening to natewantstobattle music
Watching Teen titans go,
And making books on wattpad
I am 12 years old and a girl! Many peeps think I am a boy even though I like boy stuff...
Gotta g
Gotta go
Gotta go f
Gotta go fa
Gotta go fas
Gotta go fast!
If anyone has Wattpad, my name is Tailsthewolf324...BTW
I love Avengers (Spiderman, Rocket, Black Panther, and the Winter Soldier) She-Ra, Sonic, Tmnt, Steven Universe, Spongebob, and...Video games!

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