Water fox-can be lava fire fox-INSANE plz talk to meh

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Hello! Here's some inform about meh
My Oc: Girl in box,cupcake and brother cup,bell,vines,skype,bunny water, robotic floats, evil met btw you can call me lava or fire or water any
ROBLOX: miamunoz plz search it on google because it does not work on ROBLOX
Musically:Mia Munoz, hyperkittymia, Juan Jose Munoz
Current Number: we are number one lel but we need to get to number one+ you will be in all my memes or dank and tell me anything! Lucky one of the day will choose for da day I'll see it when I get on the app cuz I'm doing homework or at school or my brother is on it playing Blocksworld
Live: None of your beeswax
Fav singers: All Melanie Martinez, Set it off, Drake poppy panic at the disco
Fav songs: Paris,Wolf in sheep clothing, Jacksepticeye All the way,bad things,all poppy songs go check her YouTube death of an batchor all living tombstone songs,miss Jackson
Fav memes: dat boi,Pepe da frog,mostly all and dank and rip headphones
Gender: Girl
Shows: Oh no sorry this is canceled,Mystery
Q:Are you really an girl?
A: Yes...
Q:how many years have you been on AnimeMaker
A: Since August I had a weak 1 named CupcakeHd
Q: how old are you
Any more questions? No nasty plz

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